Wises Lane

Sittingbourne, KENT

As an allocated site, the proposal combines open market housing in the midst of a housing crisis with the community infrastructure that supports a comprehensive development resulting in a well-planned extension that supports Swale’s regeneration agenda.

The scheme provides:

  • 675 new homes
  • 12% affordable housing which is above local policy
  • Strategic highways improvements between Borden Lane and Chestnut Street to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality
  • State of the art facilities for Sittingbourne Rugby Club, the borough’s largest community sports club
  • Contribution to existing medical facilities to support new and existing residents
  • A new primary school
  • Large areas of new publicly accessible parkland
  • Circa 370 construction jobs per annum
  • Over £25m a year into the local economy from the completed homes
  • A £78m economic output during the construction phase
  • Circa £13.5m in S106 infrastructure
wises 2Wises Lane

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