Mark Quinn shares insights at Thames Estuary Corridor webinar

On Thursday, 18 June, CEO and Chairman of Quinn Estates, Mark Quinn shared his thoughts and experience at a Transforming the Thames Estuary Corridor webinar.

The hour-long webinar was hosted by Built Environment Networking, one of the UK’s leading events companies for the construction and property industry. It is part of a wider series of webinars and conferences, which aim to encourage key figures within the industry to demonstrate thought leadership, as well as helping people to start conversations and form new connections during a period of uncertainty.

In a short presentation, Mark outlined how Quinn Estates has a strong track record of delivering projects in the South East with significant economic, social and environmental gains. He then explored how the company’s future developments – Highsted Park, Clifton Slipways and Newtown Works – could play a part in driving growth in the Thames Estuary Corridor and across the wider region.

Mark was joined by fellow speakers Kate Willard, Thames Estuary Envoy and Ken Dytor, Executive Chairman of Urban Catalyst. Kate spoke about her role as Thames Estuary Envoy, as well as how as Chair of the Thames Estuary Growth Board she works with the private sector to make meaningful and desirable change. Ken took attendees through the Purfleet-on-Thames regeneration project.

The webinar, which took place on Thursday, 18 June, concluded with a Q&A session conducted by host, Phil Laycock, where the panel answered questions on a variety of industry topics from sustainability to the predictions for the longer term impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mark will be speaking at future webinars so to learn more about other Built Environment Networking activity, click here.