Quinn Estates Provide Paw-Some Donation to John Wallis Academy in Ashford

The principal of a school in Ashford has thanked the South East’s leading property developer, Quinn Estates, after the company donated a much-loved Snowdog to the school. John McParland, Principal of the John Wallis Academy, recently showed Quinn Estates’ CEO, Mark Quinn, around the school to see the Snowdog in its new home and explain how it has made a positive impact on the school’s students since its recent arrival.

The Infinity Dog, designed by Jessica Holly Goddard, was successfully bid on by Quinn Estates at a charity auction in aid of the Pilgrims Hospice. After hearing how the John Wallis Academy was intrinsically linked to the Infinity Snowdog, Mark Quinn donated the Snowdog to the school the very same evening.

The John Wallis Academy is named after John Wallis who was born in Ashford and became a famous mathematician at Oxford and Cambridge, founding the symbol for infinity.

Mark Quinn said: “I’ve had a great time at the Academy and seeing the Infinity Dog again. It’s been great to meet the principal, John McParland, again and also to meet some of the students here – especially because they’ve given the Snowdog such a warm reception in its new home!

“When John approached me at the Snowdogs auction, we had a great chat about what the Infinity Snowdog meant to the school, and the effort they’d gone to in order to fundraise towards it. So, I did exactly what every good student should do – and listened to the headmaster! I was delighted to be able to donate the Infinity Schooldog to the John Wallis Academy and I’m pleased to see the response it has received from staff and students alike. I look forward to coming back and visiting again in the future.

“We’re looking forward to a long-term relationship with the school, perhaps offering apprenticeships to the students. It’s a great school so we’re hopeful that the dog will mark the start of a strong bond between us.”

John McParland said: “The Academy wants to give a heartfelt thanks to Quinn Estates for their generosity in allowing the Infinity Dog to be given a home at the John Wallis Academy. The pupils, staff and parents were delighted with the news.

“We did various fundraising events at the school to raise money for bidding at the auction, but we were quickly outbid. However, Mark spoke to me at the end of the evening and agreed to donate the Snowdog, which was such great news for everyone involved at the school. The students have loved seeing the bright colours of the Infinity Snowdog to brighten up their mornings!”

Lily-Clare, a pupil from Year 7, said: “We all love The Infinity Snowdog because it represents our school values – particularly generosity, hope and love. I love having it here – thank you to Quinn Estates!”